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Trinity, Lafayette, , United States
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I am a: Woman
Age: 36
Location: Lafayette, Indiana, United States
Relationship Type: Casual

Friends: Daniel Lewis, Mike, Luis, and 7 more
Eddie here!

About me
Well, (obviously) my name is Eddie. I live and have lived in Hallettsville my entire life. Yes, it's a small town, and everyone knows everything about everybody else, which is sometimes a little aggrivating, but over all, it's not so bad of a town. I have two older sisters, and the best parents anyone can ask for. I'm currently engaged to the man of my dreams, and will be getting married in October of this year! I'm usually quiet and layed back when I first meet people. But once I get to know someone, I will talk their head off. I'm very clumsy at times, but if I fall, I'm probably the first person to laugh it off. You can call me weird. You can call me normal. Hell, for all I care, you can call me anything you'd like. I'm never too worried about what other people think of me. For the most part, I'm just your average life and loving every moment of it!

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