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Samuel Wells, Holiday, , United States
Was online: 23 April 2018

Samuel Wells

I am a: Man
Age: 38
Location: Holiday, Florida, United States
Relationship Type: Friends

Friends: Owen, William, Your Destiny, and 8 more
A bit about myself!

About me
I am a graduate of the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, College of Architecture. I am devoted to implementing eco-friendly design principles into my company's business model and also educate others on the value of eco-friendly, sustainable design.

I am an associate director on the AIA Omaha board and will strive to progress from there as I become licensed. Currently I am studying for the ARE exam and hope to licensed within 3-4 years.

My long term goal is to either become a principal in my current firm or a partner in my own.

My top five strengths are: Communicator, Maximizer, Relator, Achiever, Deliberative.

About Samuel Wells
Status: I want serious relationships
Kids: I want kids
Smoking: Always
Drinking: Not a drinker
Career: Accounting/Finance
Education: -
Height: 4' 0" - 121 cm
Weight: -

Other information
First date: Dinner
Living with: Single
Appearance: Below average