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Andrea Daniels, , United States
Was online: 18 September 2015

Andrea Daniels

I am a: Woman
Age: 40
Location: United States
Relationship Type: Casual

Friends: Isaac, Samuel Wells, Steve, and 8 more
Hello I am Gomer!!!

About me
Hi, I'm Gomer Smith and I write TransitionMomBlog (who Gomer is) to help women make the transition from full-time mom to successful entrepreneur (the reader's problem or goal). I started TransitionMomBlog in 2004 (Gomer's expertise - shows she has been blogging for two years) to help other women deal with the sometimes overwhelming prospect of starting a new business while still running a household (how Gomer helps them overcome their problem or achieve their goal). Prior to raising my family, I spent over ten years as a teacher, corporate trainer and workshop leader (Gomer's expertise, both as a mom and a business person).

About Andrea Daniels
Status: I want serious relationships
Kids: I want kids
Smoking: Always
Drinking: Not a drinker
Career: Accounting/Finance
Education: -
Height: 4' 0" - 121 cm
Weight: -

Other information
First date: Dinner
Living with: Single
Appearance: Below average