67-77A Charterhouse Street, London, EC1M 6HJ
Fabric is a popular night club with resident and guest DJs playing Drum 'n' Base, Hip Hop, Funk and House music. They have a licensed bar but don't serve food. The venue can hold between 1500 and 2000 people.

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Reviews for Fabric

  • кайф (11 Oct 2017)
  • я тут был пару раз проездом, огого как понравилось!!!
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  • фабрик (12 Mar 2017)
  • Эх и я туда хочу возьмите меня
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  • Клуб (8 Nov 2016)
  • В клуб пошел девушку нашел. Ну и повеселились мы!
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  • 1 (11 Feb 2016)
  • клуб как клуб нечего особенного
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  • .. (11 Nov 2015)
  • Полностъю согласен
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  • кульно (5 Oct 2015)
  • давно нигде не отрывалась. Туда бы сходила с удовольствием.
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  • Обычный (1 Sep 2015)
  • Судя по фото обычный клуб, без лишних заморочек!
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  • Not for the laid back raver! (12 Mar 2014)
  • I have only been on the true playerz nights but.. Fabric, is quite a disappointment.
    Which you come to notice as soon as you arrive. You have to wait in the longest queue i have ever seen for any club, Ever! where you get moved along, fence to fence like cattle, before your 'greeted' by the rude unhelpful bouncers. Not all is lost though, the DJ's are good but they do a 'rewind' every other song. which kind of ruins the whole point of them!?
    It's over priced for entry and for drinks.
    You have to queue to go into the smoking area, where you not even allowed to sit down! As one of the rude bouncers will keep reminding you.
    It's pretty packed out as well and the people have no problem pushing you out of the way.

    So to round it up you have to queue for the horrible unisex toilets, queue bar, queue to get in, queue to go and smoke.
    On my way home from fabric im wondering why i paid ?15 pounds to queue up all night...
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  • great night out (12 Mar 2014)
  • Fabric is one hell of a club stretched across three massive floors. This has got to be one of the best clubs I have ever been to. The door is a little pricey so I would advise buying in advance and this also saves having to queue up for ages as the queues are always long. The setting for the club is also cool and trendy right in the middle of Farringdon. The music is a mix of electro and drum and base. Drinks tend to be a reasonable price for London. Remember that you will need to dress up to be able to fit in well. Fabric is one hell of a club strechted across three massive floors. This has got to be one of the best clubs i have ever been to.
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