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On a lush planet called Pandora live the Na'vi, beings who appear primitive but actually are highly evolved. Because Pandora's environment is poisonous, human/Na'vi hybri...

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Daniel Lewis  
Daniel Lewis

Plot - Average Cast - Enjoyable Visual Effects - Outstanding I do have a few critiques, though. While everyone else says this movie "must have been MADE for 3D", I must disagree. I did notice for a lot of the movie, you'd see the side of someone's face, or the top half of someone's body, or someone's hand sticking out of nowhere, or something equally strange. The story was rather unoriginal but not completely unbareable. My only REAL problem with the plot (rather than the fact that it's already been done so many times) is that if you were to read the script, it would sound completely strange and like a 15 year old "science nerd" had wrote it. Overall, I'd say it's great if you're just looking for something to take up three hours of your time, but I wouldn't personally give it any awards.
  • March 31 2010 am 11:42
Your Destiny  
Your Destiny Opinions are like A _ _ holes...everyone's got one! And ya'lls stinks...Because this movie totally ROCKS!!!!! This is without a doubt the BEST movie I have ever seen in my entire life and I've seen thousands. I loved the story, the very special visual effects, and the link to preserving and saving our environment. I have seen this film 3 times and am planning to see it a couple more times before it leaves the big screen...and I'm planning on buying it when it comes out on DVD...BRAVO James Cameron for making such a magnificent film. It is a true treasure that will be enjoyed by many more generations, just as The Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, Titanic and others....I hope this picture get the Oscar for Best Movie...It truly deserves it in my opinion! Thanks again Mr. Cameron!!!!
  • March 30 2010 pm 23:28
Luis Great movie. Great mix of technology, characters, and a story with a "cause". The obvious preaching aside, it was a fun ride. My daughters, especially the younger one who's 9, loved it and so did my wife. My wife got motion sick when we watched it in IMAX 3D and we were up close to the screen (so beware). Cameron knows how to go big!
  • March 30 2010 pm 22:16

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